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Not Pocahontas

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So Marianne Williamson is having a fundraiser that I wish I could afford to go to and it invites attendees to dress up as historical figures from US history. As a Native American woman, perhaps the only recognizable person I could go as is Pocahontas. I totally would, too, if cocktail reception tickets weren't $1000 and regular tickets $100. Boo!


Anyways, I then stumbled across this excellent article which details exactly what roles Native American women get to play: Pocahontas being the best choice out of drunk, welfare recipient, and prostitute.

I'm grateful to my family, where Grandma (my great-grandma) was queen and pulled everyone together for family holidays until she passed away, where my mom went to University and doesn't do typical 'native american' art (which sells as kitsch), where my aunt teaches Cree to university students.


I would like those roles to be more known than the stereotypical roles that Native American women play.

Art by Rebecca Belmore "Fringe"

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