I just cannot do it any more. Its going to put me in an early grave. I go from being furious to wanting to cry. I really want to cancel Thanksgiving plans. I do not want to be in the same car as my cousin who voted for Trump. She knows how to get to her brother’s house 40 miles away, at least he is a Hillary voter. The sad thing is she is my favorite living relative. I really want nothing to do with her.

I feel helpless also. Yes I can call my rep who is a democrat but I know she is fighting. Senator also. Yet I take comfort knowing I voted in the majority. I watcb the news daily, I only have CNN or MSNBC on when home in daytime. My mother will change it when I am busy. I remember how mad I always was from Florida debacle in 2000 through Iraq War finishing in the housing collapse.

Yet I have a sinking feeling Trump will make Bush seem like a great president. Excuse me vomit is in my mouth.

I see a future where Social Security, Medicare and ACA is not just gone but lifespans preMedicare. Which I suspect is Speaker’s Ryan plan or as my mother and her friend puts is “a culling”.

I am so proud of Vulcan, Imaginary Friend and others who are posting and keeping us informed. I just no longer have that willpower.

I understand why some just walk away like Governor Dukakis. At some points total burnout. This election and what I am seeing. Is that. Earlier today I even thought “oh I could live with Romney as Secretary of State” and realized “oh god Trump is going to be bad” when I realize Romney is not a bad choice. Although Governor Rendell even agreed with me.


I will post nonTrump stuff. If I do not reply to Trump posts it does not mean I am not proud of you. My anger and sadness level is at  critical.

I know Coward of Groupthink as Kenny Rogers would say.