I just cannot do it any more. Its going to put me in an early grave. I go from being furious to wanting to cry. I really want to cancel Thanksgiving plans. I do not want to be in the same car as my cousin who voted for Trump. She knows how to get to her brotherā€™s house 40 miles away, at least he is a Hillary voter. The sad thing is she is my favorite living relative. I really want nothing to do with her.

I feel helpless also. Yes I can call my rep who is a democrat but I know she is fighting. Senator also. Yet I take comfort knowing I voted in the majority. I watcb the news daily, I only have CNN or MSNBC on when home in daytime. My mother will change it when I am busy. I remember how mad I always was from Florida debacle in 2000 through Iraq War finishing in the housing collapse.

Yet I have a sinking feeling Trump will make Bush seem like a great president. Excuse me vomit is in my mouth.


I see a future where Social Security, Medicare and ACA is not just gone but lifespans preMedicare. Which I suspect is Speakerā€™s Ryan plan or as my mother and her friend puts is ā€œa cullingā€.

I am so proud of Vulcan, Imaginary Friend and others who are posting and keeping us informed. I just no longer have that willpower.

I understand why some just walk away like Governor Dukakis. At some points total burnout. This election and what I am seeing. Is that. Earlier today I even thought ā€œoh I could live with Romney as Secretary of Stateā€ and realized ā€œoh god Trump is going to be badā€ when I realize Romney is not a bad choice. Although Governor Rendell even agreed with me.

I will post nonTrump stuff. If I do not reply to Trump posts it does not mean I am not proud of you. My anger and sadness level is at Ā critical.


I know Coward of Groupthink as Kenny Rogers would say.