Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I needed to grab a quick dinner tonight, and I walk into this pizza place. There’s the guy working there, some college aged dude doing homework, and me. I’m minding my own business, eating my pizza, when snippets of the other guys’ “conversation” start to raise some red flags. (Conversation in quotes because it was just the homework guy talking to the guy working there. The employee did not seem to want to be part of this conversation.) Homework guy is saying something I can’t quite make out about being Italian and Italians aren’t really treated like white people, and although I don’t hear everything he’s saying, I get the distinct impression that this is some sort of reverse racism rant.

Then it becomes clear he’s bitching about Latinos, in particular Puerto Ricans and Dominicans. He says some incomprehensible nonsense about how all Puerto Ricans and Dominicans practice santeria (Seriously what? That is a new one to me. Has anybody else heard this stereotype?) and then something about hair, and then is straight up like “I really hate the Dominicans.”

At this point I’ve packed up my stuff, I walk over to him and say “I’m Dominican.”


This little shit starts falling all over himself “apologizing” and fucking goes “I thought you were White.” If I’d had my wits I’d have said that that doesn’t actually constitute an apology, nor is thinking you’re only in the company of White people an excuse to say that kind of garbage. Instead I just ignored him. Pizza guy helped me wrap up my leftovers and as he was doing that, racist shithead just kept saying sorry and other ridiculous things like “I’m sure you’re a very nice person. You look like a nice person.” He was still babbling apologies when I walked out.

Normally I don’t have the guts to do things like that, but damn did that feel good.

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