Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Yesterday morning, the University cancelled classes and I cancelled a mediation session and we had got supplies the night before and it looked like the storm would be disappointing. I ended up going to Ikea to get some cellular windowshades (Note: I have installed many shades in my life and, IMO, Ikea’s are by far the easiest to mount—there are actually spring-loaded metal and plastic clips that make it easy to attach the top rail, not just chromed monstrosities that you have to flex to the correct position. You do need to buy your own screws—I just reused the ones from the vinyl miniblinds that were already there). Also swept and washed the kitchen floor (white tile looks lousy after a week) and dusted the bedroom (when you’re working on windows you see things).

Anyway, it wasn’t until around 2:00 or 3:00 that the snow started in earnest. If it had been colder, I think we would have got close to a foot, but we got more like 8"+/- of heavy, heavy, heavy wet snow. Child and I dug out the cars this morning. There are branches down all over the place, lots of people without power, and lots of folks like me (and Child) with sort backs. No power losses this time, though a tree across the street looked like it could take them down—but it survived. Thunder snow, too.


So—did you get any kind of weather where you are? And, if so, how did you pass the time?

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