I must just be in a weird kind of phase right now because I'm just becoming disinterested in these guys I talk to. This guy (haven't met him in person yet) tries to flirt and say "It's raining, why aren't we making out?" and other dumb weird flirtacious things. He also has a hard time texting and only talks a lot when on the phone. Now he's asking for a pic (he's seen my pictures on OkCupid, why does he need a pic?) and he's seeing me tomorrow.

I just can't be bothered with any of this "non-dating" stuff. I did have an awesome time with a guy I went out one time with last year on Thursday night. We went to a bar and had burgers, played darts, and they had the Mortal Kombat arcade game there so naturally, I played it.

I think I'm gonna cancel tomorrow when I get up in the morning and make up some excuses. I was supposed to meet up for brunch with a friend in the same area before my date, but my friend got sick so...I was gonna go anyway to hang out with this guy, but he's just not that interesting for me to drive an hour to. This is ok right? Not sure why I need reassurance but yeah. I'm just feeling off and I guess I wanted guys to hang out with and flirt with but maybe I will just stick to hanging out with one I get along with really well.