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Talking to a guy from the city I'm moving to...

Him: Yeah exactly. I'll have enough to do. Are you TAing too?

Me: No I'm still looking for an assistantship (I say some other stuff but basically said I had a lead on one but I had been having a hard time finding one).


Him: Wow, really? I would have thought as a native English speaker you'd be top pick.

Me: What do you mean?

Him: Lol, well...there are a lot of non-Americans at University.

Him: And some of them speak English! Just not all.

Me: Yeah I mean that's true. I'm sure they get TA positions though? (At this point I want to give him the benefit of the doubt but I'm struggling here)


Him: Unfortunately. I'd certainly prefer someone like you.

Me: Like an English speaker?

Him: Yeah exactly.


See, this is why I'm not so sure about dating White men. I'm from the U.S. but if it was obvious through my writing that I wasn't a native speaker, I mean what then? I guess he wouldn't have messaged me.


I guess people from other countries can't TA because it's "hard" to understand them? I definitely understand that it's hard, but they don't deserve to be a TA because they are not native speakers?

I'm always afraid I'm gonna date White guys and they're gonna think I wasn't born here or even if I was that I'm gonna embody the stereotypes they see/hear of. This is why I am thinking of getting off OkC because if I am going to find Latinos to date, I'm going to have to look for them. Like REALLY look.


Yeah yeah #notallwhitemenz

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