I'm going through a really rough time right now with living in Europe and German boy who friendzoned me while deciding to date fellow country girl and coming to my city a few weeks ago, and we're not speaking right now due to my inability to get over it, and fine. But I went to meet a bunch a bunch of people who were also of said guy's nationality tonight with my American friend for a picnic and I got mad drunk and puked in the bar in the cleaning area and then had to clean it up and they were all "are you okay" and honestly I was after that, but it was a bitch to get home and the whole thing obviously didn't play well. And this is not my worst night with alcohol by far. Fuck. Do I do anything? or just blow it off as having too many different types of wines at the picnic, which is a bit true. And who wants to sit there and listen to them all speak in another language you don't understand anyway, right? Probably not. Fuck.