So, it happened. I admit, I was curious how I got away without it for so long.

At age 33, I got my first yeast infection. And wow, what a nuisance it is.

It does explain a few things, however. For the past couple weeks (since my last period) I’ve had a milky discharge and some mild itching. I thought there was something amiss, but the symptoms were mild enough to shove to the back of my mind; plus I was having to wait for a doctor’s appointment. (Though I won’t be waiting anymore, got an appointment at a PP near me. This one I plan on keeping; I’ve kept having to postpone it due to my Fridays getting crazy busy!) It was only when the discharge seemed to be increasing that I went ‘Oh, wait....” and started googling that symptom.

So here’s where the fun *really* starts for me. In my Googling, I found that I should pare back on my sugar intake (which I did, starting this past Sunday), and it was also touting vinegar. I was seeing most sites tout apple cider vinegar, with conflicting reports about white vinegar. All I have on-hand is the distilled white vinegar, so I thought ‘meh, what’s the harm?’ Now, way back when my mother was in the hospital, one thing she was sent home with was one of those huge hollow syringes you can suck water into and use for irrigating wounds and such. So it was no big deal to mix up a very dilute white vinegar/water solution and use the syringe to gently irrigate the area. Or so I thought. Last night when I checked myself out, I found a lovely colony of chunky yeast just hanging out up in there. (I keep joking in the back of my mind there was enough of it to open my own cottage cheese factory. Yeah, maybe that’s funnier to me...) So, it was back to the yeasty drawing board. *facepalm*

Today, I’ve tried a different tack. I went out and got some cranberry juice (I heard the acidity helps with yeast as well as UTIs) and a couple things of Chobani yogurt. I’m not sure why, but it seemed like the itch and the discharge wonkiness were a bit better today; maybe due to me cutting back the sugar? I then kept poking around for other remedies and saw coconut oil. Figuring anything HAD to be better than the vinegar disaster from yesterday -and knowing we have coconut oil here-, I did a similar mixing of coconut oil and water and used the syringe to flush it up in there. Now, if nothing else, the fact it’s oily has helped with the external friction/itch. I’m not feeling any burning or other signs that my chick bits are trying to kill me for this latest affront, so I’ll monitor myself and repeat as necessary. I’m just glad I have that appointment Friday, so I can check in with a doc and get looked at.


So, yeah. My first yeast infection has left me decidedly unimpressed.