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Not to be a negative Nancy..

.. but I'm about to get all sorts of, "Eff you, Positivity!" in here.

1) My birthday was on Friday. (By the way thank you, y'all made my day with your well wishes on my bday drunky pants post. Medusa's own post about gettin' crunk on the juice during your birthday was my inspiration. I should've prefaced that post with a note about how no well wishes were needed and that I was just gigglefucked about being toasted enough to tell y'all.) Yesterday, The Ex sent me a text.


This is The Ex that I've mentioned before the most often. The emotional abuser. The one who liked to throw large pieces of furniture about the room (the lazy boy was a favorite target) in fits of temper and punch walls close to where I was standing. No, I haven't read the text aside from the little bit that showed when I looked at my phone. No, I haven't deleted it, either. I don't think I can. I've got anxiety about its presence on my phone, but I also know that if I delete it without reading it, that I'll have more anxiety about what it said. There's an anxiety circle that's going on that I'm not sure what to do with. (Yeah, 10th grade English teacher, I ended a sentence with a preposition. WHAT.)

2) I ran across this on FB.

No, asshole friend of mine, it is not.

It was such a great birthday weekend until all that.. Blah.


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