I seriously feel worse than I've felt in years. I'm just so stuffed up, sinus-y, headache for days, sore throat, and I'm moving slower than a grandma with a walker. I've slept the last two nights for over 8 hours and seriously feel like it was two minutes. My body just aches.

But I have three deadlines today to meet, one thing due at the end of the week, and another due at the end of next week. This is contrary to what it used to be when there were three people working in my department (including me) and we would have two things due in a month. I am so fucking exhausted and I can't take off even though I already have more vacation hours than what I'll be able to carry over at the end of the year (and I'm just gonna keep earning them).

And I'm closing on my house in 10 days and trying to pack up my entire life right now. Can I just start to feel better please?