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But I have some things that have been rattling around my head since this whole thing blew up/imploded/became a shit storm with Killer Martinis. This post actually has nothing to do with her specifically or her "Thoughts on Poverty". What I need to get out of my brain and onto paper is my problem with the mind set of the criticisms.

Here on GT we have pointed out that much of the criticism about KM is that she is not the "right kind of poor". Here are many of the arguments I have heard from her detractors, I want to list them out before I unpack what I feel is so upsetting about them


She is fluent in more than one language

She owned multiple musical instruments

She was able to go to Europe

She is a home owner

She is able to write intelligent articles using complex words and language

She went to a private school during part of her life

She worked on political campaigns

I know there are more criticisms than just the ones I have mentioned but these are the ones that have stuck out to me the most and the ones I have found more troublesome. I think that most of the things I mentioned can be unpacked and put it one big box and that box can be labelled as follows "Poor people or people in poverty can not be intelligent or smart". I find this view very insulting.


There is a stigma or belief in our society that if you are poor that automatically means you must be unintelligent, not well read, and unworthy of education. As I said above, I find this insulting. Lack of monetary success does not diminish a person's intelligence and it does not mean that some one who is poor must also be dumb. I have found that many of the arguments against her are founded is this misguided belief system.

Why must we assume that poor = stupid? Are we so far gone as society that we have decided that if you are impoverished you cannot be smart? Having a brain and thoughts and ideas does not automatically cease if you do not have financial success. It is a troubling and diminishing stereotype. It puts down people with out money. It attempts to take away their value as a person and contributing member of society.


As I said above, these are just thoughts that have been running around my brain. My intent here is not to give proof or examples of why "poor" is not equal to "stupid". I just wanted to put this out there and maybe see if anyone else has had similar thoughts to mine.

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