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Not to harp on the street harassment thing, but...

I FB messaged my siblings (two of them are women) to share the link to my story, since it got posted to the mainpage. I didn't want to link it on FB where my parents would see, since they would freak out.


During the course of the conversation, it occurred to me that we had never talked about these kinds of things — being harassed, dealing with harassers, these kinds of personal but common events in our lives. My youngest sister, 20, casually mentioned that just yesterday a guy followed her around the grocery store saying gross shit to her. Middle of the day, in public, in a grocery store. My other sister talked about having to avoid a group of guys in the parking lot where she works regularly because of harassment.

So here's my question: outside of spaces like this, do you guys talk to your sisters (or brothers) or friends about this? It was a topic of conversation when I was younger among my friends, but as we got older and the situations were more common, we just didn't even bother bringing it up, unless there was something especially upsetting about it.

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