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Not To Sound Prudish But How Is This 7th Longest Running Broadway Show (as of 2012)

Maybe an oldster has seen this musical but my understanding the musical Oh Calcutta has not been staged since 1989 at least on Broadway. Its the second longest running revival after Chicago (as of 2012).

I was going to post about musicals there is no way a local musical group would do. I thought if this. Then while watching the video I thought how was this popular.

There is music and dancing but I would have walked out on the Jack and Jill scene. The video is from 1971 (not putting up the link its disturbing as hell).


I jumped forward its a lot of dialogue none funny. The music score not good.

The musical history had Alan Rachins in the original OffBroadway and Alan Rickman in the revival. I found the Rickman mention on another site.

How was this so popular? I get the nudity but come on even then coming across porn was not that hard.

Has there been any mainstream musical since Hair and Oh Calcutta having nudity? Although I believe the nude scene in Hair has become optional for local musical groups.


Anyone seen it?

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oh!_Calcutta! It has a description of the Jack and Jill scene but seeing it is very disturbing. I would think in a new revival the scene would be cut.

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