It's been a rough week fellow GTers. Work was terrible. Like, I actually considered just quitting on Wednesday. My love life is non-existent. (I'm actually super okay with that part, but it makes the next thing a little harder to bear.) The man who I was engaged to until last June and dated until May (this year) is getting married today. My son has not been doing his homework and all week his teachers were calling. I burned dinner last night. Also, my cats are being total shits to each other.

BUT TODAY IS A NEW DAY!!! I will not have fantasies of putting my ex in a blender. I will not be angry at the sun for shining too bright. I'm going to take my wine and head to the beach and if I get eaten by a shark I will be serene and amused that the shark will get drunk from eating me. TODAY IS GOING TO BE A MOTHERFUCKING GOOD DAY!!