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Not Today, Satan.

These past couple weeks have been, for lack of a better term, abhorrent, for both me personally and humanity.

In the spirit of self love, let's talk about things that make us happy, or things that made us smile.

Here's what is making me happy as of late:

I'm really, really, happy that I can see the turn of seasons this year. Last year, I was in CA during this time, so I missed the change of summer into autumn. I look forward to pumpkin beer, fire-pits, and wearing all of my LL Bean gear. I'm also really excited that classes will be starting again next week.

I'm also really looking forward to October. I have a lot of weddings to attend, in three different states. This sounds hokey, but I'm always flattered when a friend invites me to share in celebrating such an important day in their lives.

Here are some images that made me smile today! Feel free to share your good thoughts below!

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