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Not my photo — You can probably tell because it’s actually in focus, which was something my phone wasn’t doing well

I’m away down in Kerry a.k.a. Healy-Rae territory with friends for the weekend (Killarney . . . beautiful landscape, usually raining). In case you hadn’t heard, Ireland is in the middle of a pretty historic election. While there will be a lot of interpretations about what the results of the election really mean, one of the things that is clear is that there’s a continuing move away from the two big Civil War parties (Fianna Fail and Fine Gael) to smaller parties and Independents. (Although Labour got slaughtered, which is not surprising because they went into power in coalition with Fine Gael in the last election. And as the smaller party of a government that had to make extremely unpopular decisions, they were pretty much guaranteed to be wiped out in this election.) On the drive down, we couldn’t help but giggle a bit at all the “Vote Pixie” election posters. I spent most of yesterday inside watching the election results trickle in. (Michael “Pixie” O’Gorman was one of the candidates in this area . . . it doesn’t look like much of anyone in Kerry voted for him. They mostly voted for Healy-Raes, who pretty much represent a dynasty of “gombeen politics” to the rest of the country).

It was a nice dry day today, so I went for a wander in Killarney National Park (A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve) by the lake. I only had my crappy old phone with me, but I still got a few nice pictures and thought you might enjoy:

St Mary’s Cathedral, Killarney

St. Mary’s Cathedral, Killarney.

A very decorative thatched cottage

There was enough glare from the sun that I couldn’t see the phone screen very well and the stupid phone kept switching to “square” photos instead of the usual framing without my realizing it, so some photos that I’d actually tried to frame a certain way ended up framed differently, but whatever.

I have this thing about tree branches. I have this thing about trees reflected in still water too.
River Deenagh

A lot of the parkland that I was in had nice, broad, paved paths enjoyed by families taking a Sunday walk, German tourists on bikes, elderly people walking their dogs, etc. and me. But, I decided to take the “River trail to the lake” and that was not paved. I can’t say I went off the beaten track, but I did walk to the side of it.

Yup, that’s the actual path. I did say it was a rare dry day.
Deer! Deer in a field! Far away, not small.
More deer! Not so far away. Also not small.
Lough Leane
Snowy mountains behind Lough Leane
The view from the road into town.

Next time, I’m bringing a decent camera. Of course, next time it will probably be pissing down rain.

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