Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

*yes, I am using GT as my pregnancy diary. Sorry. Please move along if you don’t give a shit, I get it, I’m being ridiculous. My apologies.*

Not twins! That’s what the midwife said today. She was very clear about it. So. YES. that would’ve been a literal fuckin shitstorm.


I still don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into. Still doesn’t feel... real. We heard the heartbeat again today. Everything is good so far, health wise. I only gained five pounds!! Honestly I was dreading the weigh in cause my oh my, do I look pregnant all of a sudden. And I have been... an eating machine. People, strangers, now know I am expecting. (I’m four months). I’ve been allowed to cut the bathroom line and given seats of public transit. Most people have been nice.

Moms of GT, do I need to be doing anything right now? To like...prepare???! For baby. I’m not doing a gender reveal or a themed nursery or any Pinterest shit like that (my apologies if you like this stuff). We’re teachers and it’s now summer which means no pay so... we kind of shouldn’t be buying things. But anything you suggest I be doing? I feel like I should be.... doing, something.

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