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Note from academic hell

Hey folks - I’ve been a ghost around here of late, because I’m a crazy person and way way overcommitted myself for the past 10 months (newsflash: full-time grad studies while still teaching high school is a really fucking dumb idea. A dumber idea: doing an accelerated summer class and a second language requirement in May/June. While still teaching high school.). I’m now two weeks shy of being absolutely done (yay!) and I’ve hit an absolute total and utter wall (booo!).

I’ve scheduled myself a week of self-care for after my final commitments are discharged (thanks for the idea, GT!) but I first need to get there. Can you fuel my paper writing and final marking crunch with cute/hilarious gifs, pictures, etc?


Alternatively, if you are in the same boat, please tell me about all the stress you’re under, too: stress ranted about is stress... reduced? Ish? maybe?

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