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I haven't really seen any posts about this, so maybe we don't have any Burners (as in attendees of Burning Man, not the kinjaverse type burners) in this group, or maybe they're all lurkers. In the event you are out there and lurking ... and now trying to kill time as the gates have been closed due to weather, as weather is wont to be wonky in the northern Nevada desert, here is a simple request ... please don't be an asshole.

Really. I know that might seem presumptuous, and right now if you're a Burner, you're wanting to respond with a #notallburners response. But pause before you do. Keep in mind, there are 60-odd thousand of you who descend upon this remote area, through limited access roads. You go through communities, and many of you act as if those of us who reside here the other 51 weeks of the year should be grateful to see you clogging the parking lots of our neighborhood grocery stores, leaving garbage behind, being often times pretty insufferably rude to us because we're just impediments on your way to your weeklong party in the place that many of us actually take care of, again, the other 51 weeks of the year (yeah, that playa and surrounding area actually needs caretakers) or on your way home as you race back out.


Keep in mind, it only takes one bad interaction with a Burner to make a local then see that icon on an RV or car in the future or see a vehicle loaded down with tarps, bikes, and art installation equipment and groan. Don't be the one that creates the ill will. Don't be the asshole. Because then that local will be less inclined to lend a helping hand when you are say, stuck on the side of the road or can't get access to the playa because of a not-so-freak rainstorm (despite what USA Today says - hello??? People here have been joking for weeks that they hoped burners would get hit with one of these storms. Not so uncommon, unless you don't know the Nevada desert).

I know the vast majority of Burners have the best of intentions. There are a lot of locals who attend, and MrMountain and I know a few. At the same time, it is amazingly frustrating to us when we can't get into our own grocery store - and no we aren't grateful, because it's not like that money helps the local economy, it's a chain store. MrMountain nearly got run off the road the other day by a Burner who cut him off going into HomeDepot and when he got in there, he found it was two girls from Europe who clearly didn't understand the rules of the road in our area and had no business towing a trailer (and are probably miserable now, considering they needed his help just getting materials for tie downs, and seeing as how rain and wind are what have closed the gates, so the playa is probably ... ugh). And deciding to detour to Pyramid Lake and then run around naked? (Again, see USA Today story) People, that's not even Nevada property. That's Native American tribal land, and they actually have some protected lands there that are protected areas because they have religious meaning to them, so guess what? They don't want you running around naked on them. RUDE. (And let me tell you, the fines for tickets issued there? Ouch.)

It only takes one asshole. Don't be the asshole. Don't throw your trash on the side of the road while proclaiming to "leave no trace" on the playa and please, for the love of all that is holy, don't poop in someone's driveway. REALLY.

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