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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Note to medical doctors, future and present:

If you're required to write up a report of what a radiological exam (in my case, MRI) showed after you examined it, make sure it has no typos in it. Because when it says "evidence of intracranial hemorrhage was present," and you omit the "no," the patient will read it and proceed to simultaneously freak the fuck out and be extremely confused because they don't feel any of the symptoms of the supposed hemorrhage. HOW DO YOU MISS THE "NO?"

Actually, I found this situation that I was in to be pretty funny. I feel for high-volume radiology departments. I'm sure they're super busy. But I was just SO confused as to how I was discharged from the eye ER last week without having been told that I had the supposed hemorrhage that I didn't end up actually having.


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