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Notes From A Perfect Afternoon

We were going to have a barbecue in the back yard. I thought there would be more people and it would either be too hot or too cold or rain. Instead, the weather was perfect, and there were hardly any people at all. We decided to have a picnic instead at the Princeton Battlefield like the party's original incarnation.That was the best snap decision I have ever made.

Instead of grilled meats, we just had a baguette, cheese, and preserved meats put together willy-nilly. Accompanied with wine and Trader Joe's sparkling pink lemonade, we just basked in the beauty of the day and listened to jazz on my mom's Pandora radio station. It cost (my mom) a pretty penny, but compared to eating out, it was relatively inexpensive, and we've got plenty of leftovers for later in the day.

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My friend, who I am going to call E for the sake of her privacy, got me some art supplies as a birthday present, and I look forward to filling up the sketch books she got me. Art All Night is coming up, and I want to send something in. Let me tell you, I am so glad that E made the effort to contact me and do things, because I have actually been feeling lonely lately. All of the friends I made in Washington are still in that area, and a lot of my friends in New Jersey have scattered to other places or I've lost touch with them. E is pretty much my only old friend who I see nowadays.


This afternoon has been absolutely perfect, and the night is still (very!) young. I hope this bodes well for the next year ahead. Nonetheless, this has been a very happy birthday indeed.

ETA:Image is a still from the film Picnic At Hanging Rock, a favorite of mine that perfectly captures the dreamlike quality of the day. Luckily, I didn't end up as the other girls.

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