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Notes From Casa del Cray-Cray: Shameless Plug

As some of you might recall, last time I was Put Away in the Ha-Ha Hilton, I kept a sort of ranty, irreverent log of my adventures on The Inside. I’ve started it up again on my personal Kinja blawgpagewhatever, for those who might want some escape from worse world events both political and personal for a few minutes.

As I always warn, whilst mental illness is a thing to be taken very seriously in terms of seeking treatment and help, I do not treat it very seriously in terms of myself or my surroundings (but very, very rarely on my fellow inmates, as gawdnose what they themselves are going through, and so not to violate their privacy ... though if they irritate me enough I might get a bit snitty). So TW - if you don’t have a sense of bleak humour (or ‘humour’, as I often need to qualify my attempts at such) about it, please don’t read ‘cause the last thing I’d want to do is trigger/offend anyone here.

I just offer it as escape and view through another’s eyes, along with the chance to waste some time at the workplace desk.
And if I’m blowing my time writing these goddamn things, I’m gonna Offer Them To The World.


... anyway, the three latest from my new stay here, here, and here. More to come; I got another week of this little alternate-universe vay-kay at least.

Of course, GT maintainters, if this post is inappropriate and I’m just attention-seeking, please forgive me and delete (hopefully in that order, or at least do both).

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