Okay, so yeah, On Saturday I wrecked my car but good, and had a disastrous first show.

Today I hear from the insurance dude that I can get a rental from Enterprise, here's the address.

So my nice friend comes over and picks me up, and off we go. but the address is weird, and it takes us forever to find the office, which is empty. There's a sign on the door with a number to call in such an event. However, there is no answer, and there is no voicemail set up.

My friend takes me to the next Enterprise, where they are cool with me until I realize I can't find my license.

My friend takes me back to where I'm staying and waits while I search...no license. maybe it's in my wrecked car?


My friend takes me to auto shop #1 where someone finally figures out they do have my car, down the road in shop #2.

My friend takes me to shop #2 where EUREKA, there's my car! Except the KEY is back at shop #1. Don't cry, lady, we'll bring it to you.


My friend waits with me. We smoke cigarettes and check out my waaaaay fucked up car.

Eventually guy shows up with key, which is not mine, and therefore will not open my waaaaay fucked up car to find my lost license so I can drive the rental I am clearly not picking up today.


My friend takes me home and refrains from killing me, although I asked him to.

Today 1, me 0

Oh and also! My first child, my baby, who blames me for being the sour fat rage monster that drove his father away, contacted me and told me he feels ready to have a conversation with me, after refusing to speak to me since last February, with his therapist in Denver on November the 7th. So excuse me while I take some of this big pile of extra money and scoot over to Kayak to plan that trip! I feel like fucking Ann Boleyn.