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Nothing Left Unsaid a riveting 115 minute HBO documentary

Its about the life of Gloria Vanderbilt. Much of it was her son Anderson Cooper talking to his mother Gloria Vanderbilt with photos and interviews with others. The discussion was at times funny. She describes her first marriage and how his first wife died under mysterious circumstances and Anderson asked “what were you thinking” her response was “sweetheart I was 17". Seventeen and married to a man 32, second marriage she was 20 he 63.

She described her second husband as “god” during their early years. He was a famous conductor Sutorski (sp). Then she fought for custody for her two sons with him.

The oldest son Stan (who has Anderson’s eyes) was talking about growing up and when the Cooper children were born (Anderson and his brother) it felt like two different families. He was 12 (?) when oldest was born.


Of course the first part was about her time being in center of a fierce custody battle.

She talked a lot about her nurse who she says was her “mother” and “father”. How her mother was going to fire her and she cried told her nurse Dodi and how that helped lead to her nurse testifying against her mother.

When her first two boys were born she brought her childhood nurse to help raise her sons. During the custody fight covet her two sons and about that time she says her nurse got lost in the shuffle. She tells Anderson her one regret was not being with her nurse when she died. The nurse died in Catholic Charities.

That seemed so off. She said how much the nirse meant to her that she was her true mother, she brings her to help raise her first two sons, then the nurse gets lost in the shuffle. Even though the nurse continued to write to Gloria she died with Catholic Charities.


She led a fascinating life. Her story about Anderson’s brother’s suicide is rivetng to hear. When she told Anderson she nearly jumped right after it.was heartbreaking.

I liked her but she seemed like a person who.can be loved and does love but does not follow through being responsible. You do not let a woman you refer to asyour true mother to be lost in the shuffle and die with Catholic Charities. It was not mentioned in the documentary but she refered to her Cooper sons as the “golden children”.


Its on HBO watch it.

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