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Nothing Left Unsaid a rivetng HBO documentary

I wrote a post about this last night but kinja seemed to have eaten it. So if it shows up ignore this one. This is a shorter version.

This isa documentary about Gloria Vanderbilt. It consists a lot of her talking with her son Anderson Cooper.

The show begins with her early life and the famous custody battle in which she is sent to her aunt. Her aunt and Gloria had a lot in common both artists and sculptures but emotionally never really connected.


She marries at age 17. Her first husband is 32 and his previous wife died in mysterious circumstances and he was suspected. Anderson asks “what were you thinking” she responded “Sweetheart I was 17".

She kept discussing her nurse Dodi. She obviously loved her. She described her as her true mother. DodI even came back to nurse her first two children with the director Stokowski (sp). During the time of the custody battle with her first two sons DodI got lost in the shuffle. Dodi wrote letters and Gloria found out she died in Catholic Charities. This disturbed me, she loved her and now regrets not being there when she died. Why didn’t she take some responsibility for DodI so she did not end up with Catholic Charities.

Her son Stan from her first husband and oldest talked a lot. God.he has Anderson’s eyes. He says the Cooper boys were like a whole new family. Which also made me sad that they felt this way. Her other son from her first husband dissappeared and Gloria has not spoken to him since he was 22 now he would be late 50s. I googled him, he really did disappear.

It was heartbreaking to hear her describe the death of her oldest Cooper son who she saw leap over their balcony.


Googling I found she considered her Cooper boys her “golden sons”. She seemed like she is capable of love but can also not totally take responsibility.

A riveting 115 minutes on HBO.

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