So this afternoon, Mr. Ivriniel and I went out for lunch at our local pub. As we're waiting for our order, we overhear the waitresses discussing whether or not Japan is part of Asia. We're regulars enough, that I point out that Japan is part of Asia, just not attached to the main landmass.

They continue talking, just out of earshot, and come back into earshot again, to stand just on the other side of the bar, with one showing the other a YouTube video entitled "How to be Asian in 6 seconds" with the audio on full. We are treated to someone putting on a fake Asian accent asking "What do you want for dinner? Cat or dog?"

Then the two waitresses go back into the kitchen where they talk loudly to someone about whether or not Asians eat cats and dog. Presumably they were talking to the head chef, who is South Asian, and came out of the kitchen for some coffee shortly after that.

So anyways , I pulled out my iPad and emailed the owner on the spot.