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Nothing Like Having a Group of Guys Screaming That You're Ugly

I had to go to a meeting in Kansas City yesterday. I got up super early, did my hair, put on actual make-up and a dress. I felt fairly decent for being 8 a.m. (not a morning girl.)

A group of young guys was walking up the street behind me. There was no one else around. One of started yelling about "hey, look at this fat bitch, wobbling when she walks harrumph harrumph.." and following me up the sidewalk.


The others chimed in. One of started yelling about how he hadn't seen such ugliness since the zoo. Another commented about how I'm even bald (I have very thin hair that's falling out. I usually wear a wig but I just moved and it's still in the crate.)

I was walking away toward the building. And then I snapped and turned around and started screaming about What the fuck was wrong with them? What kind of mothers did they have that they grew up being taught it was OK to yell at women? And where did they get off complaining about my appearance when none of them were anything remotely close to fine? They just laughed and continued with their comments..


I ran into the building and went into the bathroom and lost it. The thing is - I know I'm fat and ugly. I have been dealing with this since I was 7? 8? But why do people have to fucking comment on it?

And then I had to go to a meeting.

I'm still upset today. I'm old already, you'd think I could just shake this shit off. But no.

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