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Nothing Makes My Day Like Hunter S. Thompson

I really want to share this, because it's probably the best gift I've gotten in a while. It's been a fucked up week for me, health-wise, and in general just a mess of feelings that are tied to transitions, plus stress. It's a strange ray of sunshine.

My friend took me out to breakfast, and handed me a parcel. Almost immediately, before even opening it, I thought "This is Hunter S. Thompson related." I was right. Pictures of him playing pool:


But this page...I just about lost it:

I needed to read something like this quote-it's encouraging to me. There's a lot of-Conviction? Determination?-in it. Which I could use right about now.

Literally, this is what's making me happy right now. The thoughtful gesture from my friend and the weird feeling of comfort that I sorely need.

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