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Just me, chilling at home, having a RDJ Sherlock Holmes marathon, putting off writing lesson plans, and marveling as I always do how the entire story arc of Game of Shadows is a thinly-concealed tale of Holmes' repression and then (barely) subliminal manifestation of his feelings for Watson.

What with the sight gags, the proceeding of events wherein Holmes brings Watson to his wedding, then interrupts Watson's honeymoon trip dressed as a woman, throws Mary off of the train, is tackled by Watson in a struggle in which they end up in positions suggestive of missionary and oral sex, then undresses to his trousers but keeps the makeup on, reveals a genital sight gag between his legs, clears out a compartment, then lies down and tells Watson to lie down with him, and then once the shooting starts the two spoon together, then Holmes taking Watson to Paris, "the only sensible honeymoon destination", the discussion about repressing things you don't want to think about, the honeymoon-like arrival at the gypsy camp where they drink and Watson dances happily outside while Holmes can't resist dancing himself, but is determined to hide it, his visible discomfort with "having something that thinks for itself bobbing about between my legs," and of course his let's-just-go-for-it dance with Watson at the ball in front of everyone before doing the inevitable and jumping off the falls because, let's face it, Holmes knows that his trip with Watson can never end the way he wants it to, and this is the only real way it can...


I mean, I'm a hard-core Sherlockian and I don't necessarily always read the stories through a homosexual lens, but Game of Shadows makes it impossible to do anything else. It confuses me when other people don't see it in the movie construction. Now, the beauty that is Sherlock is a whole other conversation, of course, but it's really impossible (short of making one of the characters female) to do a Holmes story without at least understanding or nodding at the potential homosexual implications. Game of Shadows just does a full-on jumping up and down while waving madly at it.

Anyway, it's a fun movie. I'm enjoying myself. Huzzah for emotionally repressed mental giants! (THEY RESEMBLE ME NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST WHY DO YOU ASK.) Anyway, nothing entirely original to say.

I'm tempted to go on another Sherlock marathon after this. I don't have a problem. I can stop anytime but why would I ever want to do that.


I've got grades to do. And lesson plans. Sigh. I am enjoying the teaching so far but the stress level is much higher than even I anticipated. Is it just par for the course in teaching at a low-income school where the administration expects the universe from its teachers on a state pay?

(Oh, Jared Harris, I love you so. You sound exactly like your father. And every time you smile I see young Richard Harris in your face, and it's beautiful. Sorry, side note.)


Ah well, Groupthinkers, I've missed you all! Hope you are all well.

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