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Nothing to Report

Everything in my life is relatively dull right now, and frankly, I'm grateful.

1. I showed some friends a house I'm thinking about buying, and they all reacted like this:

"It's really small." Yes, it's small. I'm not rich. I don't need a big house. Plus, it had all the original fixtures in the kitchen. THE ORIGINAL FIXTURES FROM THE 1920s AND A GORGEOUS BUILT-IN.


But, apparently, it needs to be a large, new, million dollar home with the trimmings or it's no good. It goes without saying that these are both people with fancy, enormous homes.

2. Children's birthday parties. Sigh. I really hope I don't have to elaborate here.

3. The new computer screen is broken. First, some dark lines starting shooting through it, then, a large section at the bottom right became dark. They will replace it for free, but it's not a good time for that right now, what with work and all.

4. These are not real problems. I'm aware of that. Still, I concentrate on the imperfections more than I should.


5. A student sent me a very imperious note about a paper. Eyebrows raised all around.

4. hee hee And there's a RANDOM 4 AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POST!!! NOO!!! Why?!? Why?!?

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