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#NotYourTigerLily is happening on Twitter right now

Many Native women have taken to twitter using the hashtag #NotYourTigerLily to express their anger with Warner Bros' choice to cast Rooney Mara, who is white, in the already problematic role of Tiger Lily in an upcoming Peter Pan reboot. While the conversation started there, it has now stretched out to include issues with Native representation throughout film media. Native men have also joined the conversation using a related tweet #NotYourTonto.

This is just the most recent incarnation of the firestorm Mara's casting has caused. A petition to get Warner Bros to recast the part has gained over 6,000 signatures.


According to this press release* WB may be "re-imagining" Tiger Lily as a white woman. Azie Dungey, a Native actress best known for her web series Ask a Slave, speculates as to whether this seems like a cop out after their casting choice sparked so much outrage.

*ETA: Upon further research Warner Bros apparently later denied that they are re-imagining Tiger Lily as a white woman, and remains unapologetic regarding their decision to cast Mara.

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