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Novel Cassius Fun BUT Where Female Asteres Plus How Do Asteres Pee, Poop, Have Sex

I enjoyed the novel its A Legend Of The Ultramarines series. This book was written by Ben Counter. It focuses on the 400 plus year old Chaplain Cassius. A true kick ass chaplain who is head Chaplain of his Chapter of Ultramarines. Its part of Warhammer 40k.

He and his men lead a mission to rescue planet Kolovan but more importantly stop Tyranids from invading other planets.


Of course planet is gone except for a Magos named Rothe he and his team invented a bioweapon against the Tyranid.

Now Cassius is a true believer In the Empire,his Brothers and destroyung Tyranids.

Cassius is portrayed as a total devotee to the Codex which is a book of the Ultramarines which teach them philosophy and war thinking. He allows revenge to cloud his devotion to go after a chief Tyranid. Well written scene.

Great descriptions of battle and the description of inside Tyranid ship was amazing.


I will admit I like the Warhammer 40k novels. Therelet his have these cch is a major problem, in 2016 we have female marines but in the 41st century there are none. Acrually women in these novels tend to be sparse in this novel more glaring then normal. Zero.

Every other shared universe has men and women warriors . This does not. Not sure why tptb decided to create a near literal men only universe. No female Asteres or even assistances on home planet.


Also how exactly do these Asteres pee, poop have sex. They never once mentioned needing yo go to the bathroom plus do they wctuall eat?They weigh 750 to 950 pounds.


Pictures of flying tyranids.

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