We just moved to northern Arizona last week! It’s all been very exhausting and insane, and I am daily:

  1. Super pleased we moved to this beautiful place that is also super cheap.
  2. Really grossed out by the over-the-top red state posturing I seem unable to stop walking into.

Most recent omg where are we living revelation was yesterday, second-hand from my husband who went to go try and get an Arizona driver’s license. Legally, we’re supposed to get our licenses within 10 days of moving. That’s not happening because the requirements to get an AZ license are insane.

Apparently, our passports plus our California driver’s licenses are not adequate proof of our citizenship to get the top tier Arizona driver’s licenses. We must also provide our social security cards, plus bills in our name plus, plus I dunno one other thing (birth certificates?) the steam is coming out of my ears and I can’t concentrate.

It was literally easier to get my US passport than it is to get an Arizona driver’s license. How does anyone manage to vote in this state?!


Oh, and also we live 15 minutes from the late McCain’s homestead and my husband now works at a place on the same road and the level of McCain worship is kind of fascinating. He’s basically a saint. Even the (single!) Starbucks here had a McCain quote on their chalkboard.

Another short story about living in Arizona: so I have started following a bunch of local Facebook news pages and groups to get a better lay of the land, and I recently saw an op-ed published that was in favor of democratic socialism. Well, the Facebook comments were as incendiary as you’d expect, with one person just freaking out about “liberal commies should just move to socialist countries if that’s what they want!”

I tell you, it took all my strength to not reply, “No, we’re moving to Arizona from California to take over!”