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Now I know what sitcom my life is ...

A few days ago, I mentioned in a comment that I often think my life is actually fodder for a sitcom and I'm just not aware of it. Generally, it has more to do with my extended family being absolutely nuts more than my nuclear family, but my nuclear family for the most part has pretty finely-tuned senses of sarcasm, and somehow we do seem to find ourselves in some messes.

So tonight, imagine my surprise when my son mentioned to me that his Algebra teacher said that my son reminds him of Brick, from The Middle. "Isn't that funny?" he said.


I said, "Funny?! I don't think that's a compliment if he called you Brick, dude!"

"Oh. No. I meant, isn't it funny that he watches The Middle?"

You can't make this shit up.

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