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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Now I remember why we aren't friends

Does anyone else kinda forget why you stopping talking to someone and then you decide to talk to them and then very quickly you realize what horrible idea that was.


It's like it all comes flooding back.

Instead of getting sucked into it, I just stopped and was like it's not worth it



The first time this happened, I had unfriended the person for years. She gas-lit, tried to isolate me from other friends and hit me. I left her. (we weren't dating, we were friends, but it felt like dating. I had another friend like her, but without the hitting) And then we started talking again, and I cut her out permanently.


This time, I must have blinders, because I didn't even notice they were that bad when we were hanging out. I didn't remember how stubborn and arrogant they were. And that they basically take your sentence and use it against you.... Wait a second.

Huh... I've basically described a variation of the same person over and over.

At least I'm figuring it out quicker.

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