I don't know how you seasonal allergy sufferers do it. I got hit today—HARD—with seasonal allergies, and I want to punch them in their stupid faces, if they had any. Like, really, HOW MUCH mucus can the human body produce?!? because I may be going for a record. I took some Benadryl, and tea with honey, and cough drops, and lots of fluids, and Emergen-C, and STILL. It keeps coming! Swallowing hurts now because of this. I feel it in my ears. This is so gross. This used to be the grossest thing I experienced today. I'm just flabberghasted at the way this "seasonal allergy" thing works. There is no making headway. There is no point when you're past it. It's just constant. It keeps going, for however long that particular pollen is in the air.

That particular pollen and me need to have words.