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I have computer woes— all the failure all at once. And I can't fix it all because... insert more fail. Details inside. Come have some (non-dairy) cheese with this whine. Open whining thread!

Something is wrong with my internal network. It appears to be a problem at the DSL modem. Power cycling it hasn't helped. I tried unplugging a computer from the network and plugging a different one in, only to break the first one. That means I now have 1 computer that is able to connect to the network— out of 5 (including my phone, which has no data plan).

No problem. I have 3 DSL modems of this model. I'll just switch one out. I go to the box of miscellaneous computer pieces parts and find all of the wifi routers, switches, and DSL modems except the 2 spares of the model in question. Wherefore art though, backup modems? I've looked everywhere that I can think of and I can't find you. Still not calling Cute Boy Person for help.


My PC laptop power cable doesn't work anymore so I had to order a new one. My Macbook is too old for browser updates and can't add billing information to an account that I need to change billing info on. It also can't add a new repository to GitHub so I can't add the in progress docs for the CAH online replacement. No problem, I'll just switch to... oh right. Only one computer works on my network right now.

And I have to pause Netflix on it every few minutes or Netflix fails and every so often, the wifi just crashes and I have to reboot.

So... Fine. I hit reset on the DSL modem. Then I'll check to see if other computers can use the network... but what is that beeping? That's happening every 10 seconds?

Now the UPS that powers the desktop is beeping, most likely to denote a power issue in the outlet that has the DSL modem and other things plugged into it. I'll just shut that computer down and move the UPS to a different... 67 updates? Frack. I can't shut down the computer and disconnect the UPS until the updates install. Woo. I don't need to leave the apartment, do I?


So I go back to the borrowed laptop to see if it can get on the internet and nope.

To sum up: I have five computers and the only one that can connect to the internet is from 2008 and has unstable WiFi. One computer has no power cable. One needs to go to a different location to try to use the internet there which I can't do because the UPS is beeping and I can't make the UPS stop beeping until 67 windows updates finish installing on yet another one. I could probably fix this issue if I could find any of the 2 identical model backup DSL modems, but I can't because they aren't where they should have been put during the cleansening. And the only person who might remember where they are is on my not speaking to list.


The beeping has been going on for 20 minutes.

ETA UPDATE: The beeping has now been going on for over 40 minutes. Windows Update is at install 60 of 67. I found a spare DSL Modem! Yay! It did not fix the problem. Boooo. Thus the problem must be between the WiFi router and the DSL modem. If I reset the WiFi router, I have to then plug back into it to make it not an open network. The easiest way to do this is on the laptop with no power cable or the desktop that is installing updates. The Macbook that works has issues if I plug a network cable into it and the other computer that has a port isn't mine and could be rooted.


The beeping is driving me mad.

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