Follow up to this post about oil furnaces.

So, firstly, I was right! Take that, property management company that thinks the property manager who hasn't been here since MAY knows more about this house than me, a silly girl who doesn't know anything about anything technical! The furnace was operating at less than 40% efficiency, which is why we were burning over $100 a week in fuel.

So we got someone here yesterday to fix stuff, among other things a busted pump seal.

And when I woke up this morning, the newly fixed pump seal had EXPLODED and BEEN POURING FUEL ALL OVER MY BASEMENT ALL NIGHT.


I'm sorry for all the yelling. It may be due to the fact that I had been inhaling fumes all night before I woke up, and the chemicals the HAZMAT team had to use to clean it up smell even worse than the fuel that was all over the basement.

So now I am following up with my property management company, who I am trying to get to pay for the fuel that POURED ALL OVER MY FLOOR.


I am not amused. But I was right. So, there's that.