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Inside Job

By Etienne Charles

I went out the other night with a Ron Paul supporter
He kindly explained to me it was not as much Paul himself,
but the ideas he stood for, like liberty,
which is possibly worse.
He thought that 9/11 was an inside job
carried out by the CIA and when I got home from the bar
to look up "building 7".
I didn't look it up and while he was chastising me on the ill
health effects of drinking diet coke, he thought
I could be a sexy smoker and that he wanted to take me out
back to watch me smoke his cigarettes with my lips.
when I think of you, I get sad,
and I think of you often, I wrote you with this.
Had I mentioned this before,
You responded, that my timing in writing was perfect,
something that you, admittedly, struggled to achieve
I had the wit, vulnerability and beauty
You were hooked.


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