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Now taking your tamale suggestions.

Picture stolen from the internet is making me kind of hungry.

Today my husband suggested that for family Tamale Day coming up in December we try to make Monte Cristo tamales. I am so disgusted by that idea that every time I think of it I gag, but if I can’t think of something better he will try to execute it. Help me!

Some background: every December the family meets and we make tamales for everyone, usually traditional tamales of a few types but for the last four-ish years my father-in-law has been on a Strange Tamales kick (ever since he randomly thought to make hot buffalo-style tamales with blue cheese, which are admittedly awesome). Now it’s kind of A Thing, where everyone is trying to think of weird but delicious tamales. For example, we’ve tried: red curry (no), ham and pineapple (no), spam (NO), pulled pork (no), cheeseburger (NOOOO).


Since we end up with a couple dozens of tamales at the end of Tamale Day I would prefer they not include a bag of gross ones. (We still have some of the spam ones in our freezer from last year, so gross).

I basically can’t think of anything, looking for lots of ideas! :)

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