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Now that the dust has settled on the GoT premiere, ZOMG Shameless finale!!!!!

SPOOOOOILLLERRRZ!! Like, major major spoilers!


How many butt-jokes were in this episode? The answer is a lot. A lot of butt-jokes were in this episode. Best one goes to Mickey's wife; "you want it up in your poo-place?"


To butt buddies!

Okay, so we start off with some Mickey/Ian feelz, but as predicted, Ian is now relatively confirmed Bipolar. The nervous glances between characters throughout his presence in this season made it pretty obvious that's what the end result was going to be (and if you're not familiar with the show, the family's mother has it and attempted suicide in a previous season). I've assumed at least one of the kids would get this storyline, I understand why they chose Ian, and I'm glad we got some fun stuff out of him this season, but next season for him is going to be complicated and I'm not sure where he'll end up since he is one of my favorite characters, I don't want to see him portrayed the way Monica was.

I'm still not happy with Fiona's arc this season, but there is literally nothing I can do about that now. As far as the finale episode goes; it was a bit deus ex machina to get her out of prison like that, but I think it was a good choice, they were dancing around becoming a knock off Orange is the New Black and this show has its own merit outside of catering to what's "in" these days so good choice imo.

Debbie and Carl! Ah, my heart is breaking! When Debbie breaks down and Fiona finally puts together something is really wrong, there was no real dialog and then cut to Ian in the bedroom, very good stuff! I love the editing on this show, it might seem a little sporadic, but it really gets to the point without useless exposition or awkward fumbling conversation. For this particular show, it works so well.


So while Lip is being a Ken Doll, and Fiona, Debbie, and Carl are dealing with Ian, where was Liam? I'm gonna assume he was downstairs or something. I know he's not in a lot of scenes because child labor laws, but sometimes I'm like, "who's watching Liam?" because who is watching Liam? But that's irrelevant thinking for the most part.

I would have preferred to see more V and Kev, they're last plot point was some jumbled mess about guns and it was kinda lame. V is one of my favorite characters throughout, mostly because she is hilarious and witty and smart, partly because her hair is amazing. US Shameless Veronica is far superior to UK Shameless Veronica.


I almost want Frank to die, I'm just so over his lack of Frank-ness this season. When he passed the bottle to Carl, I feel like he was passing on his alcoholism. I can how that would be something Carl would pick up, he's so overlooked and he didn't get the same childhood Fiona, Lip, and Ian had. I just feel like nobody sits Carl down and explains all the fucked-up-ness this family has. But, I think this actor needs to work on things a little, I'm not totally convinced by his performance, but he's a kid so I'm not outraged by his lack of experience, for three seasons all he did was angrily smile and implicitly burn things, now they have him doing more, I like that.

Okay and not the fucking shocker to end all shockers. JIMMY/STEVE(now Jack?) IS ALIVE! YOU SLY ASSHOLES! YOU TOLD US HE WAS FOR SURE DEAD! WHAT THE EVERLOVEINGFUCK!


I seriously could not handle my shit after that last scene. I was like, "no way, no way, no way!!!" And then BAM big reveal!

The HIMYM finale didn't shock me. This finale? I was losing my shit all over the place. I am completely surprised and that rarely happens. I did say in a previous Shameless post that if they were gonna give us any intel on Jimmy/Steve, it would be in the finale, but they gave absolutely no hints or clues as to his whereabouts so it was a crap shoot trying to figure out if he was in pieces at the bottom of Lake Michigan. BUT HE'S NOT!


Can it be a year from now? Don't make me wait for season 5!

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