I was strolling into the kitchen.

“Huh” I said.

My mother: Look how clean this pot is.

I looked. It did look clean shiny too not a speck of food.

Me: You cleaned it?

Ok dumb question. Although in my defense my mind was racing if I washed a pot earlier. My mind was coming up blank.

My mother: I didn’t

Me: So I did?

My mind was still racing if one of those breakfast dishes was a pot.

My mother:Look how clean it is that’s how a pot should be cleaned.

My mind now shifted to I forgot but I did an excellent job. That is good.

My mother: He did.

She pointed to BF.

My mother: That’s how a pot should look like.

Me: You are still washing it?

My mother: Of course.

I then took BF and GF out to pee and poop. BF was proud of himself.