An old friend of Mr. Ivriniel's was home for a visit, so Mr. I arranged a get-together at his Dad's house on Friday night. The visiting friend, the Annoying Inlaws, and another Childhood friend, and his wife and daughter were all there.

When we arrived, the niece was having some sort of meltdown and didn't want to see anyone. Then she saw me, and decided that she wanted to go with me. First it was off to the living room to look at her grandfather's tools. Then she decided she wanted to go to the computer room. When we got there she announced she wanted "All About the Bass" so I loaded it up, and she watched it over and over.

After a bit she decided she wanted to run through the kitchen where everyone was. I told her Mom (ASiL)she had been watching "All About the Bass", and ASiL responded with "Did you show Auntie Ivriniel "God Made Girls" yet?" I could tell ASiL was not happy about her daughter's All About the Bass obsession, I imagine because ASiL is a size 2.

Niece immediately ran off to the computer room asking for "God Made Girls". So we watched it. Ugh. Fortunately, it did not seem to be the niece's taste either, because after seeing it once, she was back to asking for All About the Bass.

Anyways, on Sat., OSiL and her family came to our house to watch the Santa Claus Parade. I told them about how niece wanted to watch All About the Bass. OSiL said that when she is over at their house she asks for it all the time, too.


Then something struck me: I asked OSiL if they showed it to her first, and she said "No, the first time we showed it to her, she asked for it."

So if OSiL didn't show it to her, and ASiL wouldn't, that leaves ABiL as the one who showed it to his 2 year old daughter. And his wife is a size 2 with no booty to speak of. Ouch. That's a bit awkward. Especially given that when ASiL and ABiL first got together, both of them went on and on and on about how thin ASiL is. Like saying she could share clothes with ABiL's then 9 year old niece.