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Now We Have Two, Yes 2, Tubs of Cool Whip Open

Well good think my mother bought a second tub of cool whip.

Anyways. When a tub is half full she will dump fruit and pudding into the cool whip tub and mix it together.


So its evening and I decided to make a dessert. She bought a pumpkin pie and chocolate pudding. A tub of chocolate pudding she rarely buys the 6 packs. She says a tub is cheaper except when packs are on sale. I prefer tubs since I can take what I want.

The cozy shack puddings are very good.

So I decided to get a bowl, not big. I cut a piece of pumpkin pie and put it in the bowl (smallish slice), took out tub of chocolate pudding and put two spoonfuls on top and smeared it on the pie. Then I went back to the fridge. Took out the container of cool whip. Now I just wanted plain white cool whip, as food goods intended, nope. I opened it and saw fruit and not sure what mixed in the cool whip.


I then saw an unopened tub of cool whip. I thanked the food gods. So I opened up the unopened one and put cool whip on top of the chocolate pudding which was smeared on pumpkin pie.

I went to sit and said

Me “cool.whip had stuff in it so I opened the other one”

Mom: “I made ambrosia, we will have some for breakfast on the side”

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