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NPR on Egg Donors -- Condescending and Inappropriate

Usually I feel NPR does a good job reporting on social issues, but this article about how women are selecting egg donors really got on my nerves. It was neutral and matter-of-fact, and honestly really interesting, right up until the last paragraph.

This means that there are a lot of women out there in their 40s and even 50s (50s!) who think they still have the option to become pregnant. An argument could be made — a topic for another day — that by the time you pass 45 or so, that perhaps you should be thinking about other ways to satisfy your maternal cravings.

Really, NPR? That incredibly judgmental, condescending closer was necessary? That was what you chose to go with in concluding the article? Women are judged no matter what reproductive choice they make. Have children too young, too old, too poor, too rich, limiting numbers, not limiting numbers, not having children at all, not being able to have children, adopting, assisstive technology — there's just no way to win.


Fuck you, NPR. I trusted you to not perpetuate this bullshit.

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