In the following ways (emphasis mine):

How the bill was changed

Removes a provision adding strangulation to the definition of “serious bodily injury” regarding second-degree battery. Strangulation is often a red flag that abuse could lead to more lethal form.

• Removes “dating partner” as an extension of the definition of a victim of domestic abuse battery. Domestic abuse battery only pertains to scenarios when the victim is a “household member,” which refers to spouses, family members or co-habitants (within five years of the incident). Sport said 50 percent of domestic violence victims are considered “dating partners,” who do not live with and are not married to their abusers, especially those ages 16-24.

Removes a provision that creates a felony-level stalking charge. Stalking is currently a misdemeanor. Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence Executive Director Beth Meeks testified that 76 percent domestic homicide victims were stalked before they were killed.

• Removes a provision prohibiting a person convicted of stalking from possessing a firearm.

• Removes a provision that increased penalties for violation of a protective order involving the use of force or the threat of a use of force.

Removes a provision requiring fingerprinting for threatening to use force or a deadly weapon against a family member, household member or dating partner.

This makes me sick to my stomach.