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Welcome To The Bitchery
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NuKinja Crashed My Nice, New Computer

In Kinja news today, while at the lovely io9, whose ideas and articles were fantastic today, I found that, if I tried to scroll, the little spinny thing for Mac came up. A LOT. Then, finally, in the midst of long, ridiculous scrolling, the computer crashed. Froze. Stopped working. I had to forcequit Firefox.

Y'all. Come on, now. This is a huge fuckup of massive proportions.

1. A lot of ridiculous scrolling. For a long time. Never reaching the end of the 'page.' Forever. Scrolling hell.


2. Computer crashed. A brand new computer without a lot of windows open. Um, okay. Plus, I have great Internet speed. So ... confused ....

3. Couldn't tell what anyone was writing. Did I mention the crashing thing? Also, sadly, the way the scroll came on the screen was too ... I dunno exactly how to put this ... I read really fast. Maybe it's me. But, it was too damned slow, even when the little spinny thing wasn't happening and too little text. Not enough text. Too slow. I'd like to see more text as I'm reading.


4. The White Space Problem. There is a hell of a lot of white space. It's like a house decorated in modern furniture. Not much. Lots of white walls and steel chrome. I guess some people like it. I am not one of them. It hurts my eyes. I have to constantly dim and readjust my screen for it.

Anyway, another exciting day in Kinja. A serious lesson in "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

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