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Dear Kinja. My tablet hates you.

I have a Surface 2 running Windows 8.1, and for the life of me I can't post a comment. When I try, the comment box flickers back and forth between the two formatting options (I guess? Whatever is pictured below) at least once per second, sometimes faster, and while that's all happening I can't input text. This happens while I have a keyboard plugged in and also when I'm using the keyboard on the screen. Basically, it just hates NuKinja. No problems inputting text anywhere else ever, including old Kinja.

Is anyone else having troubles with secondary kind of tech sources using NuKinja? I've been too avoidant to try on my phone, honestly, the format is so bad on a computer with a big screen I am shying away from trying to use a mobile version.


So Fluffybutt, that is why you don't have your hug yet, I'm sorry! Now that I powered up my computer to complain about this, I will go over and give you that hug.

Kinja gods, the comment section is also a total mess. I know people resist change, but this is really something else. The rest of it I'm sure we can live with - the weird big photo, the tiny icons for the blog name/logo, the change to notification style, etc. etc. But the comment change is really awful. I'm pretty much done here, not gonna lie. I have had a horrid day and kept trying to come to GT to talk about it, but noooo, a) my tablet is glitchy, and b) when I take the time to power up my computer it's impossible to follow discussions. And you feel like there's no point writing anything, since it won't end up 'highlighted' anyways if you're not the first handful of people to post. GAH.


But, I assume you can't fix that right now. The tablet thing though, I hope that is fixable.

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