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Well I go back to work in less than one week and some days I'm ready for it and then others I'm freaking the fuck out. My depression still isn't under control. The good days outnumber the bad now thankfully but I still have some really shitty days. I'm nervous because when I go back to work I will not be able to pump 7 or 8 times a day and my milk production just isn't cutting it. And I won't be able to deliver the milk as I pump it either, which is what I've had to do now because I never have extra. Mr. Haa and I talked about trying a "nurse in" which Umgleek recommended to me a number of times. He's all for it and wants to support me in whatever I decide. He's 100% fine with the idea of switching fully to formula, partial formula feedings, or fully breast feeding. I'm so lucky I have his support thru all this. So the plan is to do it Sunday and Monday. I've started taking the fenugreek again and I'm going to hydrate the piss out of myself the next few days. Then I'm going to nurse Baby Haa every 2 hours beginning Sunday at 6am.

Now I have a number of questions for those of you who have either done something similar to this or have had to pump and tried to boost your supply. Can I allow her to sleep from say between the hours of 10pm and 6am with only waking up to pump instead of nurse during that stretch or is it best to stick with 2 hours the full 2 days? And I haven't decided what the best way to stimulate milk production will be. First I thought maybe I should feed Baby Haa on one side while pumping the other. Then I thought maybe the best way to stimulate production would be to pump both breasts first and then have Baby Haa feed until full. If she ended up being still hungry after draining my breasts I would feed her the pumped milk too. The bonus of doing it the first way allows me to start saving the pumped milk for when I got back to work but I have a feeling the second way will allow my breasts to drain more fully. These are just my guesses. Anyone have any opinions? What's worked for you? Another thing I've wondered about is my pumping technique. I usually pump for 15 minutes at a time but most of the time I will only actively be producing milk for a few minutes of that time and then sometimes right at 15 minutes I'll get another let down after dry pumping for almost 5 minutes. Is this normal or is there something I could be doing to make this happen quicker and decrease the amount of dry pumping time? I have a really nice (and expensive) double electric pump. I'm fairly certain the flanges fit correctly. Any ideas?


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