Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Shit just plain career advice. I’m over my current job. My feelings about the management and coworkers aside I’m on auto pilot as far as the actual job goes. It’s tedious and hard, and the only thing I’m learning is it’s about to get unnecessarily harder. I applied for a transfer the recruiter told me the manager wanted to move forward but my floor is too understaffed. My thinking is it better for me to quit the company or let me advance my career within the company? You would think The fact that my floor is hemorrhaging nurses would warrant review from the big boss but no. It’s just frustrating because I actually want to become a stronger nurse and my bosses won’t let me.

Insult to injury The Consort lost his job so now I’m volunteering extra for this bullshit. Cherry on top an hour commute. I wanna burn it all and trim weed under the table in Pennsylvania.


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